About Us

Our Story

Tray Maintenance Systems was founded over thirty years ago by a man named Larry Krusza. Some thirty years ago, Larry saw a great necessity for auto shops and garages just like your own, to have a streamlined workflow. This workflow revolves around having your hardware for any given job, right on hand. Not only to sell you products, but to organize them as well. It’s kind of no worries, no hassle system. It means that every time you go to your “tray,” that one rare clip, bulb or plug you need will always be there. That’s a guarantee. And so it was thirty years ago that Larry started off with two hundred dollars selling five-dollar bags of vacuum tees. He wasn’t a trained professional salesman. No, he was just a man with an idea. Now thirty-plus years later his children, grand-children, family, and friends at Tray Maintenance still serve the automotive industry. We have the same goal as he did. That is to help you. And that’s a guarantee.


Our Legacy

So for thirty-plus years we have been packaging, selling, delivering, organizing, and stocking quality, affordable, automotive hardware. Our clientel is you, the average (or not so average) mechanic. You probably have a passion for what you do. You run an honest business, and do good work. Your hands get dirty. You love your tools, and your toolbox. You don’t like waiting days or even hours for a little peice of hardware to be delivered from the dealer or the parts store. You’re smart. You value your time, and so does Tray Maintenance. We both know that every day that car sits in the bay, is another day that you’re workflow is held up, and you’re losing money. We have a happy customer base of over 3,000 businesses similar to your own, that rely on Tray Maintenance to keep them stocked with hardware, so that they have it whenever it’s needed. They’re happy and love our products and our service. We know you will too. That’s a guarantee.


Our Mission

“Not only to sell you products, but to organize them as well.” That is the mission of Tray Maintenance Systems. It’s not just a hardware business, it’s a people business. We’ve servicized our products, and productized our services, and our number one priority is customer service. It always has been. It always will be. That is a guarantee.